5 Reasons You’re Wrong About B2B Appointment Setting Services

by 3 Nov 2022Sales Strategy

B2B appointment setting services are incredible drivers for sales success. So, if you're reluctant to use them, here's why you're wrong.

We recognise it’s a pretty bold opener for a blog to start an argument with the reader. But we’re feeling feisty. So, here we go: If you think your business doesn’t need B2B appointment-setting services then you’re just plain wrong.

Every business can benefit from experienced, specialist prospectors finding, attracting and nurturing their leads. And we should know. We’ve set tens of thousands of B2B appointments in crazy diverse industries.

Business-to-business appointment setting is one of the fastest-growing outbound marketing services in the UK right now – and we’re privileged to be one of the fastest-growing companies that offer B2B appointments as a service. Appointment setting is merely a string to our lead generation bow – but, if we do say so ourselves, it’s one we’re really great at.

What’s the difference between B2B telemarketing and appointment setting?

This is a good question. They have similar constructs. And our appointment setting service is usually an add-on to our telemarketing services. Usually, the telemarketing team deliver a well-structured but unscripted intelligence-gathering telephone campaign. At this point, accounts can go into a few different camps. Ones to come back to in time, others to carefully nurture and then some really hot accounts.

B2B telemarketer offering a B2B appointment setting service

A B2B appointment setting campaign is a bit like skipping straight to dessert after your amuse-bouche. Following an initial prospecting campaign, once we identify prospects who have a strong and timely interest, we move them into our appointment-setting phase. This phase is all about nurturing, qualifying needs and timescales and (sensitively) pressing those pain points to the point the account is so tender it’s ready for whatever solution you’re prescribing. And has handed over precious diary space to prove it.

5 false truths

If appointments with qualified, contract-ready accounts who are ready to take things to the next level sounds as good as we know it does, why are some people so against an outsourced B2B appointment setting service? When we come up against resistance, it’s almost always for the same reasons. That’s why we’re convinced that if you’re not up for an appointment setting campaign, you’re wrong. Don’t let fake news stand in the way of your sales calendar being full of meetings.

Number 1: “The sales team can book their own meetings.”

Salespeople are driven little you-know-whats. They’ll do whatever they have to, to hit those targets and get the commission coming in. But, what if they didn’t ‘have to’ prospect?

Some salespeople are talented prospectors, able to initiate conversations with potential buyers effortlessly, no matter how cold the lead is. Others have extraordinary negotiation or closing skills, excelling at building rapport, the art of persuasion and getting customers to sign on the dotted line.

Sales person looking frustrated. Stat: 50% of sales time is wasted on unproductive prospecting. Use an appointment setting business instead.

The truth is, most salespeople HATE prospecting. What if your best salesperson is looking for a job where they don’t have to do it?

And did you know 50% of sales time is wasted on unproductive prospecting according to the B2B Lead? What if your best salespeople eliminated this drain of their time and your resources?

So, how about you outsource to a team of master prospectors to begin the sales process for you? They will help find and qualify leads and have initial conversations that build a strong foundation for a sale, with the goal of getting you a date in the diary for a meeting. At which point, your star closer can swoop in and make sure the deal goes according to (or even beyond) plan?

Number 2: “Training the inside sales team is more cost-effective than using an appointment setter.”

Is it though? It can take years to train someone, or multiple people, up to perform at optimal standard in B2B cold calling and prospecting. And then they can leave. And you have to start again. Ouch.

On the other hand, by outsourcing, you can guarantee the skill level and breadth of experience available through your telemarketing partner. And it exists immediately. No hiring process, no training schedules eating into work time. Just instant gratification. And lots of meetings.

A sales meeting booked by a B2B appointment setting service.

Number 3. “Appointment setting services don’t work.”

We don’t see why, since 82% of buyers said they accept meetings with sellers who reach out to them. (Rain Group). If B2B appointment setting services haven’t worked for you in the past, it’s probably for the following reasons:

  • You didn’t pre-screen your appointment setter to check that they understood your business and value proposition
  • Your appointment-setting partner’s end success metric was in the number of appointments set, not the quality of appointments set and the outcome
  • You were not being presented in a compelling, professional way
  • Your prospects were not adequately nurtured, and/or decision-making capabilities were not intelligently assessed

Ensure you’re partnering with a B2B appointment setting service that’s UK-based, experienced in diverse industries and takes the time to really, REALLY get to know you, and everything about your business. So they can act as part of your business.

Number 4: “Outsourced appointment setters can’t sell my business as well as our sales team can.”

What makes you think that? The only difference between our salespeople and your salespeople is the onboarding. Your salespeople were once someone else’s salespeople. They were once not even salespeople at all. They were once tiny babies, who grew up, and eventually learned all about your business, your product and how to sell it.

Filling an appointment-setting team in on the nuances of your business, services/products and industry is simple – just like onboarding a new employee, without any of the HR faff.

Number 5: “We have enough work right now, we don’t need to generate new business.”

I mean, what a position to be in… But, unless your last name is Musk or Bezos, we’re calling you out on that. Because even the richest people on Earth want new business.

Steady cashflow relies on a steady pipeline. And if your pipeline dries out, then what happens when you lose a big client is that the bottom falls out of your cashflow. You’re left with a big hole that’s hard to dig your way out of.

The key is to have multiple sources of revenue coming in so that when one dries up, there are others waiting in the wings. And the key to a beautifully full, nicely flowing pipeline is to prospect. You need to be out there talking to people, finding new clients and customers and keeping your pipeline full. That’s how you stay in business. When you have excellent cashflow, and business is booming, it’s the best time to invest in business growth factors like B2B appointment setting services.

The best B2B appointment setting service

A calendar full of meetings booked by a B2B appointment setter.

This sales strategy allows you to combine the superpowers of prospectors and sales negotiators and closers to make sure you’re engaging with only highly qualified, ready-to-buy leads. Simply put, your business will close more deals with B2B appointment setting. Start selling more – click here to get started.

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