Want to Know How To Generate More Leads For Your Business? You Need This Lead Generation Tool Today


Your Lead Gen Toolkit is your new lead generation strategy wrapped up in one neat package.

Lead Generation Tips for Success

Looking for insider tips on lead generation? Hunting for a lead-generation solution that delivers results? Want to know how to generate more leads for your business without spending thousands or wasting your precious time on non-starters? 

Look no further. We’ve curated a collection of valuable lead-generation tips and tools that will boost your confidence and results. Your Lead Gen Toolkit, designed with the busy business owner wearing too many hats in mind, is here to help you generate more leads and drive growth YOURSELF. With our innovative lead generation strategies, expert guidance, and practical tips, you’ll learn how to get more leads for your business AND convert them. Plus, you get to take all the credit for your success.


Get more leads for your business, & learn how to target and nuture them yourself

At Smartlead Marketing, our goal is simple: helping businesses like yours generate more leads, whether you’re a solopreneur or part of a team. Usually, we’d do this for you with our outsourced lead generation services. But what if you want to captain your own lead-gen ship? Now, you can with high success levels.

 Our toolkit provides a wealth of resources and strategies designed specifically for this purpose. From optimising your online presence to implementing effective lead gen campaigns, we’ll guide you every step of the way.

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Understanding How Lead Generation Works

Curious about how lead generation works? You’re about to become an expert prospecter. From identifying your target audience to nurturing leads into paying customers, we’ll provide you with the structure, insights, strategy and skills to succeed. We’re passing on our years of expertise so you can make it in the lead generation game on your own. Because we know overcoming lead gen challenges isn’t easy.


Lead Generation Toolkit for DIY Lead Generation for Your Business

Our toolkit is packed with essential tools designed to give you an instant lead generation system ready to go out of the box. Here’s how it will structure your prospecting efforts from day one:


All successful lead generation starts with data. And not just any data. You need high-quality, clean, highly targeted lists to work with. So, the first step in our lead generation toolkit is to give you precisely this. You’ll get:




  • A contact list of up to 1000 targeted prospects/companies honed for your requirements for decision-making responsibilities, industry, business size and other demographics bespoke to your needs.
  • Company names, contact with decision-making power for your product/service, email address and telephone number.
  • You have free use of the data for 12 months under a GDPR license.
  • Yours to use for all marketing projects!


We get it. Cold calling is daunting. Let’s warm that list up first. Start with a done-for-you, professionally managed email campaign written by our in-house copywriter and designed by our email marketing guru. Pique your audience’s interest, get insights about who your hottest prospects are based on their interaction with your content, and start to segment and prioritise your data accordingly.

  • A fully-branded, targeted email marketing campaign.
  • Sent to a handpicked selection of up to 1000 prospects.
  • Comprehensive reporting to track campaign success.

This campaign will start you off on your lead generation journey, carefully and professionally warming up your database of prospects and stimulating awareness and engagement to maximise the success of your follow-up campaign.


Mastering Telephone Sales Techniques

Our toolkit includes access to the Smartlead Training Academy, a comprehensive yet condensed training course designed to take as little of your time as possible while maximising impact. Up to two people will receive expert training on telephone sales techniques, covering topics such as:




  • How to identify and segment quality leads
  • Overcoming telephone fear and building resilience
  • Honing questioning and listening techniques
  • Engaging prospects effectively and closing more deals over the phone
"My team and I went on the training with Smartlead Marketing. Trevor was amazing and really broke down the importance of engagement and getting the right information out of every phone call. The training was informative and gave my team more confidence in making calls. I would highly recommend it if you are looking to get more out of those sales calls."


Crafting an Effective Sales Call Script

A well-crafted sales call script can make all the difference in converting leads into customers. Our training includes guidance on:

  •  How to make a sales call script that resonates with your prospects and drives them towards a positive outcome.
  • Proven techniques and best practices that will help you engage prospects effectively and close more deals over the phone.


    DIY Lead Generation Success

    You’ll have the data at your disposal, and those prospects will be poised to hear more after your professionally run email marketing campaign. Then, it will be over to you to take your new telephone sales skills to the bank. You will find yourself confidently picking up the phone and closing more deals with potential customers, capitalising on that already warmed-up list of contacts. Hello, automated lead generation system! And hello, business growth.

      “56% of consumers say it increases their trust in a brand when they speak to someone on the phone."


      "Organisations who believed cold calling is no longer effective experienced 42% less growth than those who believed otherwise.

      Medina, Altschuler & Kosoglow

      "56% of consumers say it increases their trust in a brand when they speak to someone on the phone."


      "49% of buyers prefer to be contacted through phone calls."

      Rain Group

      "34% of salespeople say prospecting and lead qualification are their biggest challenges."


      "It takes an average of 18 calls to connect with a prospect."




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      What is included in the toolkit?

      A comprehensive package with contact data, email marketing campaigns, and personalised training for up to two people.

      How does the training program work?

      The training is conducted remotely over Teams, tailored to your needs, and led by our experienced trainer, Trevor Singh.

      Is the data GDPR compliant?
      • All data provided is valid for 12 months under a GDPR license.
      How much does the toolkit cost?
      • £995+VAT
      • Discounts available for multiple orders – please contact us.
      How do I book?

      Schedule a call with us for a time that suits you. Alternatively, you can call us now on +44(0)330 043 7343 or email


      The average conversion rate of outbound telephone sales calls in 4.8%. With the right data, the right priming and the right skillset, this conversion rate can realistically be 10% or even higher depending on your market and price point.

      Use our ROI calculator to work out just how worth it the £995 investment in Your Lead Gen Toolkit could be for your business.

      Generating More Leads For Your Business Starts Here

      Ready to take your lead generation efforts to the next level? Smartlead’s Lead Gen Toolkit, available for a one-time investment of £995, is your key to success. Discover how to generate more leads, optimise your sales process, and drive business growth. Invest in Smartlead’s Toolkit today and unlock the full potential of your lead generation efforts.

      You will get:

      DATA: Contact list of up to 1000 targeted prospects.

      EMAIL MARKETING: A fully-branded, targeted email marketing campaign.

      TRAINING: One-to-one training with our expert sales trainer

      Contact us today to start building your DIY lead generation success story.