Account Based Marketing

At Smartlead Marketing we use Account Based Marketing (ABM) to provide our clients with the optimum and achievable strategies for their business’s success. Account Based Marketing is a strategy which is formed from encompassing related data and insight as well as a targeted approach, profiling, personalisation and segmentation, giving you the most performative results.

Our ‘one to one’ approach that we provide throughout our services is a critical part of what we do here at Smartlead Marketing. We focus on accounts with the most potential value where our goal is a comprehensive understanding which we once again target a ‘one to one’ approach throughout with the support of our specialised team.

ABM has been made more accessible, however, for most businesses, the success rate will still be dependent on variables that will need careful consideration and support from highly trained professionals, such as, marketing strategy, systems integration, aligned sales and data quality.

  • Identifying accounts most subjective to your product or service.
  • Prioritising the right accounts of which will become profitable customers.
  • Aligning your resources.
  • A customer-centric approach.
  • Providing you with long term, lasting business relations.

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Client Testimonial

“Touchstar Technologies has been working with Smartlead Marketing for a number of years. We use the company for telesales campaigns aimed at a number of diverse sectors (warehouse & logistics, oil & gas, facilities management, manufacturing etc.). The solutions that we promote to these sectors are relatively technical and complex but the Smartlead team has never failed to grasp the core features and benefits and have been able to engage meaningfully with prospective customers. The campaigns we commission from them have always resulted in a substantial body of potential projects for our internal sales personnel to convert. The ongoing communication and reporting of campaign progress and statistics is also impressive. I have been commissioning telesales campaigns for over two decades and rate Smartlead as one of the best agencies in the field.” 

Group Marketing Manager, Touchstar Technologies PLC