account-based marketing (abm)


Account-based marketing techniques that deliver results

Account-based marketing (ABM) bridges the gap between sales and marketing. More than a service or a technique, ABM is a whole mindset that can transform the way you do business. This means that sales and marketing functions can combine and collaborate to target and nurture only the highest priority prospects.

80% of marketers say ABM improves customer lifetime values. It’s with that long-term relationship-building in mind that we carry out all our ABM strategies on behalf of our clients.

Our ABM strategy involves using a targeted marketing approach encompassing profiling and segmentation of data. We do this to identify and target the highest priority accounts with the greatest potential for account wins and the highest lifetime value. Then we use highly targeted and personalised marketing strategies to cultivate relationships with these contacts. The result is engagement opportunities and conversations that build awareness and trust layer by layer.


An ABM partner who becomes part of your business

ABM has become a popular and more accessible marketing strategy for most businesses. But, it is one where success rates can depend on multiple variables. This means careful consideration and support are required from highly trained and experienced professionals. Ideally, who can also assist with marketing strategies, systems integration, aligned sales activities and data quality.

We utilise a one-to-one approach where a highly experienced account manager will plan and execute your ABM campaign. This ensures the greatest level of service and personalisation for you and your clients. It also enables our account managers to develop a deep knowledge of your business, becoming a part of your sales and marketing team rather than an outsourced external representative.

“91% of companies using ABM increase their average deal size - a quarter of which by more than 50%.”


"83% of marketers say ABM increases engagement with target accounts."


"80% of marketers say ABM improves customer lifetime value."

ABM In Action

A successful abm initiative includes…


Identifying accounts most subjective to your product or service


Optimising your resources & messaging


Crafting your Ideal Customer Profile (IPC) using intelligence


Designing a customer-centric approach unique to your target accounts


Prioritising key accounts that are represented by your IPC


Providing you with long-term, lasting business relationships

“Touchstar Technologies has been working with Smartlead Marketing for a number of years. We use the company for telesales campaigns aimed at a number of diverse sectors (warehouse & logistics, oil & gas, facilities management, manufacturing etc.). The solutions that we promote to these sectors are relatively technical and complex but the Smartlead team has never failed to grasp the core features and benefits and have been able to engage meaningfully with prospective customers. The campaigns we commission from them have always resulted in a substantial body of potential projects for our internal sales personnel to convert. The ongoing communication and reporting of campaign progress and statistics is also impressive. I have been commissioning telesales campaigns for over two decades and rate Smartlead as one of the best agencies in the field.”

Touchstar Technologies PLC

91% of companies using ABM increase their average deal size – many by more than 50%. Are you ready to join them?

Make us part of your team.