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Every business is only as good as the team of people that works for them. And it’s our team that makes Smartlead consistently deliver the awesome lead generation results we’re so proud of.

Our team members bring a wealth of diverse experiences and skill sets to the table, allowing us to provide our clients with top-notch marketing solutions that are tailored to their unique needs. From telemarketing experts to social media gurus and SEO content wizards, our team is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of the industry and delivering exceptional results for our clients. Get to know us better by reading our bios below.

Simon Boswell

Simon Boswell

Founder and DIrector


Introducing Simon Boswell, the captain of the Smartlead ship, the head honcho, big Kahuna, and the person who signs our paycheques (still, every word of this glowing bio is the honest truth). As Smartlead’s founding owner and director, Simon knows what it takes to grow a business.

Simon started his career at the tender age of 17 at a leading UK advertising agency. He then travelled the world for four years, gathering experience in sales and marketing roles globally. As a result, Simon brings a unique perspective to Smartlead Marketing, which he founded in 2012 because he knew that telemarketing done right had the power to make serious headway for businesses looking to grow their pipeline. He wanted to change the perception of how telemarketing is delivered, and he’s done just that. With Simon at the helm, Smartlead Marketing has become a multi-channel lead generation company with telephone communication at the heart of it. And he’s responsible for us getting incredible results for a diverse range of clients.

As well as being a proud business owner, Simon’s also a proud dad of three beautiful girls and one handsome black Labrador called Denzil. He still likes to scratch his travel itch, enjoy live music, cheer on Liverpool FC, and binge-watch Only Fools and Horses. Now you know where Denzil’s name came from. Unless you’re under 40.

In his spare time, Simon can be found performing at live music venues around the country, enjoying the adoration of his fans. He’s also partial to a pint of Guinness or two in his favourite Devonshire pub. Don’t worry, though – he always comes back to Smartlead Marketing, ready to help grow the company’s brand and reputation whilst doing the same for our clients.

Trevor Singh

Trevor Singh

Sales & Training Manager

When it comes to the world of sales and lead generation, Trevor’s the person you want on your team. But you can’t have him. He’s ours.

With over 30 years of experience in high-level sales and customer-focused roles, Trevor knows what it takes for businesses to thrive. As the Sales and Training Manager at Smartlead, Trevor heads up our Smartlead Training Academy – passing on his wealth of knowledge and experience in communicating with customers at all levels.

Not only is Trevor the ultimate sales rockstar, he’s also a literal rockstar. After 23 years of drumming in a cover band, he’s only recently put gigging behind him to spend more spare time being a granddad to his 6-year-old grandson. What a lucky boy – because Trevor knows a thing or two about nurturing – whether it’s leads or children.

He’s approachable, reliable, and always a calming influence even when the team’s under pressure. Whether you need a sales expert to drive your campaigns, a soothing and encouraging mentor to help you get on the phones, or a drumming God to rock out with, Trevor’s your guy. Rather, our guy. But you can borrow him.

Sheona Henderson

Sheona Henderson

Business Development Executive

Sheona’s a business development executive who’s as skilled at building relationships as she is at the art of the close. With extensive experience in telemarketing, internal sales, and hospitality, Sheona also has a culinary business management degree that she’s put to good use throughout her career. While she may have left the culinary arts behind, she’s kept her sharp business acumen intact.

Sheona is the ultimate people person, and it’s those interpersonal skills that make her so suited to her role. She’s also proud to be first-aid trained in mental health – so she’s here to support the entire team through any stresses and strains and keep us all happy and productive. When she’s not working, she’s organising big group get-togethers and raising her two little ones to be just as sociable and foodie as she is.

As a business development executive at Smartlead Marketing, Sheona brings her passion for people to the forefront. She excels at building strong, lasting, and profitable relationships on behalf of Smartlead and our clients. That’s because she’s perfected the recipe for building rapport and engaging people.

Tom Fletcher

Tom Fletcher

Account Manager

Meet Tom Fletcher. No, not THE Tom Fletcher of McFly and literary fame, though he’s just as multi-talented. With extensive experience in customer service roles, sales, and recruitment, Tom has developed a well-rounded skillset and a top-notch telephone manner. That’s why he’s a dab hand at telemarketing and booking appointments that convert to sales for our clients.

When he’s not busy on the phone, Tom can be found socialising, spending time with his wife, spending even more time obsessing over his first love Aston Villa and enjoying a good old pint (or five) in the pub. However, all this might be about to change as he’s about to become a father for the first time this summer. Something has to give, and we’re all wondering if it will be the social life, the Villa or the pub. Let us know if you want in on the sweepstake.

Tom has won Smartlead’s Allstar award more times than any other team member, thanks to his incredible ability to secure profitable appointments with prospects on behalf of our clients. With Tom as your account manager, you can be sure that he’ll bring the same passion and energy to your campaign as he does to cheering on his beloved Villa. And don’t let his choice of football team put you off – we promise he’s so good on the phones you’ll see past it.

Fiona Williams

Fiona Williams

Digital Marketer

Meet Fiona Williams – the digital marketing & social media guru who has a perfect blend of professional expertise and creative pursuits. With extensive experience in customer-facing roles, customer service, and sales, Fiona has an innate ability to connect with clients and customers on a personal level. Everyone feels uplifted after a chat with Fiona.

Apart from her professional pursuits, Fiona also dabbles in make-up artistry, showcasing her creativity and awareness of current trends. As a proud mother of two human boys and one Cocker Spaniel, Fiona enjoys spending time with her family in the Essex countryside (and if she happens to fall into a beer garden with a chilled glass of rosé in her hand while walking the dog that’s simply accidental.)

Fiona’s passion for social media and digital marketing is evident in her ability to create engaging content and generate leads for Smartlead and our clients. Her love for social media is also no secret outside of work – even in her spare time she can often be found doom-scrolling on Instagram – which her husband believes is all just “research.”

Kirsty Barnden

Kirsty Barnden

Content Writer


Kirsty Barnden is a writer with a very specific set of skills – ones that result in killer content creation for Smartlead Marketing and our clients. Her past life as an NCTJ-qualified journalist and previous sales/marketing/editorial experience result in a blend of expertise that works wonders.

She lives in Kent with her tribe of 3 children, where she can often be found in the gym activating beast mode in the weights room. Thankfully, Kirsty’s writing muscles are as well-trained as her other muscles. She’s passionate about the written word and also has a talent for understanding any subject in order to write about it authoritatively.

As a result of her varied content creation, Kirsty has amassed an almost alarming range of general knowledge that makes her anyone’s ideal pub quiz teammate. Her’s is a G&T.

Our clients say:

“It is refreshing to find a lead generation company that meets our expectations and takes genuine pride in their work. We have been working with Smartlead Marketing on a niche campaign and it has been an unexpected, but welcome change to find the same person working on our account since day one. We are now at the point where we would happily recommend them to our clients and suppliers.

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