b2b appointment setting


There's nothing quite like an appointment book full of qualified sales leads.

Sadly, even the fullest of appointment books are not necessarily full of qualified sales leads…

That’s why our B2B appointment setting services are different.

Did you know that only 56% of B2B companies check valid leads before passing them onto the sales department? That’s not our style.

The Smartlead B2B appointment setting approach is based on relationship-building techniques. That’s because we know that nurturing leads can increase your sales by 50%. For this reason, we successfully nurture your pipeline to ensure your schedule of appointments is with decision-makers with a defined need and timeframe.


Professional approach to B2B appointment setting

As ambassadors for your business, professionalism is at the core of every interaction with your potential customers. A scripted, robotic approach is not our style. Instead, we only engage in detailed, authentic dialogue and fact-finding conversations.

Why outsource B2B Appointment Setting?

We want to give you the best possible chance of converting marketing leads to sales. You can rely on us to nurture your leads because we promise to never allow your leads to go cold. It’s our guarantee that your salespeople will never arrive at a meeting with an unqualified prospect.

A B2B appointment setting partner who gets you and your client

We strive to gain the deepest understanding of your value proposition and business goals, as well as your customer’s pain points and their buying process. Using that knowledge, we successfully drive your campaign to produce consistently high results.

Our people are experienced, intelligent, thoughtful professionals with an average of 15 years of experience. This means they know their way around an objection. They also know how to define a need, present your solutions and tie someone down for a meeting. Then it’s over to you.

We know how to fill your calendar with appointments…

Consultation with you

We meet with you so you can tell us about your business, goals, ethos, intricacies and target prospects. We have to know your business inside out and aim to seamlessly integrate our business with yours.

Intelligence Gathering

Once we understand who you are and where you want to be, we build intelligence through research.

Campaign Development

Account managers with an average of 15 years of experience will carefully develop an approach that will yield the best possible results.

Prioritise Key Accounts

We identify and prioritise key accounts based on your ideal profile, using our data and your preferences to identify your ideal clients.

Engage & Nurture

We then proactively nurture these prospects until they are ready to buy from you. So when you get an appointment with them, you can be certain your time is being used wisely.

“Only 56% of companies check the validity leads before passing them to the sales department.”

Marketing Sherpa

"It takes an average of 18 calls to connect with a prospect."


The Smartlead appointment setting service includes…


A thorough consultation with you


Optimal prospect development & follow-ups


Expert research & contact list building


Daily reporting of confirmed sales appointments


Intelligent lead generation activities


Weekly lead reports and monthly reviews of activity

“Touchstar Technologies has been working with Smartlead Marketing for a number of years. We use the company for telesales campaigns aimed at a number of diverse sectors (warehouse & logistics, oil & gas, facilities management, manufacturing etc.). The solutions that we promote to these sectors are relatively technical and complex but the Smartlead team has never failed to grasp the core features and benefits and have been able to engage meaningfully with prospective customers. The campaigns we commission from them have always resulted in a substantial body of potential projects for our internal sales personnel to convert. The ongoing communication and reporting of campaign progress and statistics is also impressive. I have been commissioning telesales campaigns for over two decades and rate Smartlead as one of the best agencies in the field.”

Touchstar Technologies PLC

Nurturing leads can increase sales by 50%. Our appointment-setting service can change the game for your sales team.

Let us fill your appointment calendar.