Telemarketing: Myths vs Reality

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There are so many myths about telemarketing. The reality is professional B2B telemarketing can transform how you do lead gen.

Sometimes, businesses in need of lead generation help shy away from telemarketing because of misconceptions. Ensure you don’t make the same mistake by reading our myth-busting guide to modern B2B telemarketing.

The whole reason Smartlead Marketing exists in the first place is to provide a fresh, sophisticated approach to telemarketing. B2B telemarketing is a whole different animal from crowded call centres full of inexperienced temps. The truth is, if your business wants to enter new markets, build strategic relationships and harness growth opportunities then you can’t afford to ignore telemarketing as an opportunity.

So, with that said, we think it’s time to dispel the top three telemarketing myths for good.

THE MYTH: Telemarketing is a numbers game.

THE REALITY: It’s a research game.

Photo by Dan Dimmock on Unsplash
Photo by Dan Dimmock on Unsplash

Great telemarketing isn’t about indiscriminately hammering out call after call. Nor is it about maximising the volume of leads that are generated. This is because when it comes to converting leads, quantity alone isn’t enough. Quality is the real determining factor when it comes to lead generation success.

Before you pick up the phone with a potential lead, you need your rationale and reasoning as to why they would want to talk to you. And you need to be able to demonstrate this in a way that enables the prospect to see this clearly, too. You want the person at the end of the phone to feel reassured. And that they are speaking with a professional who can help them, not someone who’s trying to hit their target. The only way to achieve this is by knowing who you’re contacting, why, and what their goals and pain points are.

THE MYTH: It’s a salesperson’s job to do cold calling.

THE REALITY: Your salespeople are far better at converting business.

Telemarketers headset

The value of a seasoned salesperson is in building relationships and closing business. To close business, your salespeople need to spend time talking to decision-makers who have a qualified, defined need for your product or service. In short, your salespeople should be there to make the very most out of a viable opportunity.

When your sales team are spending the majority of their time generating prospects, they don’t get to flex their sales skills at all. Because lead generation is NOT about selling. It’s about identifying needs and generating interest and engagement.

THE MYTH: Telemarketers are pushy.

THE REALITY: B2B telemarketing specialists are absolute professionals.

The reasoning behind this myth is that we’ve all experienced a pushy cold caller bothering us when we least expect it. But the difference between a low-skill, high-volume call centre churning out cold calls and a professional B2B telemarketing specialist is like night and day.

B2B telemarketing experts are, for one, contacting relevant contacts about issues that are relevant to their jobs. People at work should expect to have conversations about work. Particularly when the telemarketer is knowledgeable, well-researched and an empathetic listener.

Find out for yourself what to expect from a fresh approach to telemarketing

Happy business owner having a great telemarketing call.
Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Whatever your product or service, telesales is merely the beginning of your sales process. The purpose of the telesales function is a fact-finding mission. It’s about speaking to people about their business, their goals, their challenges and what they need to help them achieve them. Then it’s about intelligently aligning your brand with those needs, and setting up the building blocks of the sales process. With a reputable telemarketing firm, there’s no hard sell. Nor is there the risk of reputational damage. Best of all, there’s less frustration for your salespeople – who can take a qualified lead and work their magic with it.

We’d love to help you crush more telemarketing myths by getting you to find out for yourself how we can transform your sales process. Call us to find out more.

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