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Want to generate high quality leads for your business?

Let us take care of that with our B2B telemarketing service.

Many sales leaders say that their biggest challenges are prospecting and lead generation. Every business needs a steady flow of fresh leads. But driving a successful lead generation campaign takes time and skill.

It can take 18 calls on average to successfully reach a prospect. This is why many businesses say time is their greatest lead generation barrier. That along with staffing and resources.

The truth is, not every business is in a position to take on dedicated in-house business development or lead generation people to perform a b2b telemarketing service in-house. This doesn’t mean lead generation is any less important to your business’s growth.


The solution: a B2B telemarketing service that seamlessly integrates with your sales function.

Outsourcing to a lead generation partner isn’t just the next best thing to doing it in-house. An outsourced B2B telemarketing service actually yields 43% better results than an in-house lead generation campaign. That’s because our people are experts in B2B telemarketing. You are guaranteed your telemarketers will have a minimum of five years’ relevant experience and robust training.

Our business is about us becoming part of your business. Your success fuels our success. We train our employees to become chameleon-like professionals who can take on the shape of an ambassador for your unique brand. You can expect our people to communicate with authority, authenticity and confidence as representatives of your business.

And you can expect them to take this responsibility seriously.

A B2B telemarketing service that drives your success

We strive to gain the deepest understanding of your value proposition and business goals. Also, we deep dive into your customer’s pain points and their buying process. Using that knowledge, we successfully drive your B2B telemarketing campaign to produce consistently high results.

That’s because our success rests on your success.

A successful b2b telemarketing campaign takes…

The Right Message

Together we will identify the key messages about your business and your value proposition. You can have confidence we will represent your brand with a confident, authentic voice.

The Right Audience

Data makes the difference. Your message will be perfect, but it’s only going to work if you’re spreading it in the right circles. If you don’t have quality data, we can source it for you.

The Right Timing

There’s a difference between the wrong time and the wrong opportunity. We know how and when to return to a prospect, and how to ensure the relationship is nurtured to maturity.

The Right People

Our people are experienced, talented, professional and driven. They want your campaign to be as successful as much as you do. We don’t hire anyone with less than five years’ experience.

The Right Approach

Smartlead are telemarketing and lead generation experts. We know how to be persuasive without being pushy, how to be persistent without hassling, and how to get your message heard.

“B2B marketers say their greatest barriers to lead generation are lack of resources in staffing and/or time.”

B2B Technology Marketing Community

"93% of marketers find telemarketing either effective or very effective."

B2B Marketing Magazine

"56% of consumers say it increases their trust in a brand when they speak to someone on the phone."


"B2B telemarketing delivers £11 of revenue for every £1 spent."


"Outsourced B2B lead generation gives 43% better results than in-house lead generation."


"34% of salespeople say prospecting and lead qualification are their biggest challenges."


"It takes an average of 18 calls to connect with a prospect."


With a Smartlead Campaign, you’ll benefit from…


Extensive, reliable research


Honest prioritisation & qualification


Intuitive contact list building


Sensitive nurturing & pipeline management


Expert message development


Proactive follow-up schedule

“We recently concluded a 60-day campaign with Smartlead Marketing who generated our internal sales team 31 meetings with prospective clients. We kicked off the campaign with an email blast, which was followed up by the team directly through telemarketing. They scheduled meetings with senior IT decision makers – all qualified and with projects identified that map onto our managed services with a core focus on our Security Operations Centre.

We’re still working through the high volume of leads. However, we’ve already put out proposals to a number of businesses from these opportunities. The campaign with Smartlead has translated to a quantifiable sales pipeline – driving our bottom line turnover well upwards. We look forward to working with Smartlead again once we’ve concluded this tranche of meetings and onboarded our new customers.”

Chorus Global Ltd

B2B telemarketing is a proven, consistent, powerful lead generation tool that delivers an average £11 of revenue for every £1 spent.

Let us overdeliver on your expectations.