Schedule Like a Boss: The Ultimate Guide to B2B Appointment Setting

by 31 Jan 2024Hints & Tips, Sales Strategy

Maximize your B2B appointment setting with our ultimate guide. Dive into strategies, tools, and scripts to turn that empty calendar into a bustling hub of productivity.

Schedule Like a Boss: The Ultimate Guide to B2B Appointment Setting

Is your appointment calendar looking emptier than a sales pitch without a value prop? Well, let’s change that. The age of staring longingly at a blank calendar is over, and the era of jam-packed, I-can-barely-take-a-coffee-break schedules is upon us.

Think of the appointment setting as the ultimate business tango – it takes two to fill your dance card, and you need the right moves to make it happen. So, buckle up and prepare for a whirlwind tour through the insider secrets of B2B appointment setting.

Part 1: Nailing B2B Appointment Setting: Preparation is Everything

The first step of the perfect appointment setting phone call doesn’t involve a phone. Preparation is everything. So, roll up your research sleeves. What compels your success in cold calling is more like the prequel than the actual movie. You need to know your audience, their pain points, and how you can help them. This is where the magic happens. When you clearly understand who you’re calling, what they need from you, and why they should care about what you have to say, you’re ready for action.

Know who you’re talking to, know what they need, and, for goodness’ sake, know that “one-size-fits-all” only works for space blankets and weird hats.

With your research complete, you can customise your approach to resonate with their deepest business desires.

And communication? It’s your Excalibur. Wield it to build rapport faster than a Lego wizard. Be clear, be bright, and, for the love of Conversions, be interested.

Part 2: Choose Your Weapon: Tools and Software that Make B2B Appointment Setting a Breeze

What do you get when you are a B2B warrior with a top-notch arsenal? An absolute setting spree, that’s what.

  • Calendly is a powerful scheduling tool that streamlines the process of B2B appointment setting by allowing prospects to easily view your availability and book a time that works best for them. We use it at Smartlead, and you can schedule your free discovery call with us using it!
  • HubSpot Sales whispers sweet nothings in the form of pipeline visibility and enhances reporting features. Simple automation eases the demand for manual input, allowing you to standardise workflows and supercharge your sales process.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator is your own personal schmoozing concierge in professional networking. It can unearth the freshest leads and serve insights on a silver platter.
  • Yesware: your email wingman. In the words of our content writer, Kirsty, “I write all these words without knowing if people really read them.” Except we know they do. Yesware’s tracking feature tells you who has, so you can learn what’s working, who’s interested, and who’s not.
  • Crystal’s Personality AI Tool: gives spookily accurate insights into your prospects’ personalities. Armed with professional profiles, you can capture your prospects’ hearts with messages tailored just for them.

Each of these gems does more for your setting game than a pep talk from a motivational speaker on triple espresso.

Part 3: Talking the Talk: Scripts for B2B Appointment Setting

You want your calls to flow like improv jazz – smooth, adept, with just the right amount of pizzazz. Starting strong is non-negotiable, as is introducing yourself and being transparent about your reasons for calling. But beware of the script that sounds scripted! Toss that old-school playbook and think of conversation starters.

You want to tell your prospect something you have noticed/learned about them and ask them a question.

“I noticed you’re currently hiring for X role. With the talent shortage, are you finding it tough to recruit in this area at the moment?”

“I noticed you recently took on the role of X. How are you finding the position so far?”

“I read your recent article in X Magazine. Could you tell me a little about your experience with Y?”

“I noticed you recently launched a new product. How has it been received by your customers?”

From here, the conversation will flow organically. You’ve started by showing your prospects you’re interested in them, not just getting something out of them. It’s up to you to keep it going.

Check out our recent blog for more on scripting your calls.

Part 4: Objection Handling

Roll with the punches like a sales ninja. When a prospect throws an objection your way, catch it, twirl it, and toss back a solution that shines brighter than your polished wingtips.

First, listen to the objection. Second, demonstrate you’ve heard by accepting and acknowledging it. Assess the objection objectively by asking further questions about it. ONLY then should you respond and address their concerns. Afterwards, confirm whether you’ve resolved the objection – actively seeking out any subjunctive objections or lingering doubts so you can repeat the process.

This method follows the LAARC objection handling method – Listen, Acknowledge, Assess, Respond, Confirm. It’s a simple and effective way to handle objections humanly and conversationally.

For more on objection handling, take a look at this.

objection handling b2b appointment setting

Part 5: Hitting the Snags: Overcoming Common B2B Appointment Setting Challenges

Hit a snag? No fear. Here’s how to handle common ones.

  • The Busy Beaver: Sometimes the juiciest prospects are the busiest, aren’t they? Scoot around their packed schedules by offering a range of flexible time options for them to choose from.
  • The Silent Sheep: This star of the menagerie often gives one-word answers or zip, nada, nothing. Your key? Make yourself relevant to them. Toss aside the generic blather and intertwine your value proposition within the splendiferous threads of their industry or personal interests. Silent today, ringing endorsement tomorrow.
  • The No-Show Narwhal: Every narwhal has its day, where it deep dives and disappears. Don’t fret. Instead of swimming aimlessly in the icy sea of disappointment, reschedule with jolly, reasonable confidence or provide an easy, no-frills way to pick a new time that suits them better. No hard feelings.
  • The Cancelling Chameleon: Chameleons love to change colour, and this one loves changing their appointment times. In the immortal words of pop divas everywhere – shake it off! Flex that schedule and always have a ‘Plan B(e Back Soon)’ Flaunt your open-minded flexibility and turn that cancelled meeting into a postponed opportunity. Remember, the Chameleon is just waiting for its environment to be right.
  • The Gatekeeping Gorilla: Breaking past the Gatekeeping Gorilla to the Decision-Making Deity means understanding their pain points and presenting your offering as if it were the holy grail of solutions. Listen, empathise, and address their concerns upfront. They’ll open those gates once they see you’re not just another sales pitch but the barrel of benefits their business needs.
  • The Commitment-Shy Camel: This hump-backed wanderer gets skittish at the mere mention of ‘appointment.’ A gentle approach is vital. Offer a ‘sneak-peek’ meeting – just a quick oasis of chat to wet their whistle without scaring them into another year of drought. Suggest a casual coffee talk or a straightforward, no-strings-attached call – think of it as speed dating for businesses, where the only commitment is to new possibilities.

Closing Statement

Now, fill that schedule like you’re painting the Sistine Chapel of Sales. Show that calendar no mercy – and when you do feel the twinge of ‘is this too much?’ Smartlead’s here with open arms and ninja-like skills to support your every setting step.

So reach out, grab the phone, and get in touch.

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