Learn How to Seize Control of The B2B Lead Gen Game With Tailored Strategies for Your Sector

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When it comes to B2B lead generation, one size certainly does not fit all. Our latest blog post dives deep into the playbook of industry-specific lead generation strategies that can help businesses, from financial hotshots to logistic leaders, hit the bullseye in their lead gen efforts.

Playing the B2B Lead Generation Game? How to Score More Wins for Your Business

Whatever your industry, lead generation is the lifeblood of your B2B sales game. But the game plan will look quite different if you’re generating leads for financial services, or if you’re prospecting for telecoms, or panning for new business gold in transport and logistics. So, how do you tailor your B2B lead gen for your specific market? Let’s find out.

Best Lead Generation Moves For Different Industries

lead generation for different sectors

One size doesn’t fit all – just ask Raj, our sports-loving Account Manager who’s still trying to squeeze into his secondary school football kit.
It’s the same with B2B lead generation strategies! The best move for an IT firm looking for new leads will differ from a financial services company doing the same. What you need is to tweak your game plan based on the industry you’re in..

Telecoms Lead Generation

Slide into your telecom leads DMs with the proper chat, and you’ve got them talking! Here’s how:

Webinars & Podcasts: Communication gurus, lend me your ears; podcasts are your golden ticket. Why? They pack a punch with personality. 55% of business owners are daily podcast listeners, according to PodPod (from the makers of Campaign), and 73% of B2B marketers say webinars are excellent for producing high-quality leadsShare industry trends, spotlight challenges and consumer pain points and guide your audience through them. Use email campaigns and telemarketing services to promote them, get delegates signed up, and breathe in the scent of sweet lead generation success. (You know where to go if you need help with that aspect).

Creative Services and Print & Signage Lead Generation

We know you’re a Picasso in your field, but remember, creativity isn’t just about your service; it also applies to your lead gen.

Showcase your work everywhere: Let your creative prowess do the talking. People who buy creative services seek someone who can make their brand stand out. So, show them what you’ve got! Broadcast your case studies using email marketing and tell your audience a story of why they should work with you in beautiful technicolour.

Want to know your secret weapon in creative services prospecting? If you said “Social Media Marketing“, take a bow. Sprout Social suggests creatives get their best leads on platforms that love visuals – Instagram, we’re looking at you. Showcase behind-the-scenes peeks, project triumphs, and humorous epic fails to highlight the cost of getting it wrong when choosing your creative partner (because we all love a good “nailed it” moment.) Like these doozies:

Hall of Graphic Design Shame

Social Media Contests: Engage your audience with some fun and games – do you have a social media management service that can walk the creative walk? If not, talk to us.

Transport and Logistics Lead Generation

Rev those engines and gear up with these fast and furious lead generation strategies:

Case studies & Success Stories: Tour your potential leads through past victories. Share these through email marketing campaigns to carefully targeted prospects.

Webinars: Nobody likes traffic, but everybody loves a roadmap to success. Webinars offer you the opportunity to give your prospects expert insights to navigate the complex terrain of logistics and build trust. Need convincing? ON24’s Webinar Benchmarks report tells us that attendees engaged for an average of 56 minutes. That’s a lot of time to turn that interest into relationships (and leads). An email marketing or appointment-setting campaign would be the perfect way to follow up with your webinar attendees and convert them into leads. You can also use the data from your webinars to create a more targeted email marketing campaign, which will help you reach the right prospects at the right time.

Lead Generation for Professional Services

It’s all about being professional with a punch of personal touch here:

LinkedIn Lead Gen: Network and nurture leads – LinkedIn is your playground, good sir/madam! Content marketing on this platform strikes a chord for prospects of professional services businesses. 80% of B2B social media leads are generated on LinkedIn. And we have just the social media manager to help you conquer that cliquey playground.

Seminars and Webinars: Inviting those prospects to gripping webinars and highly informative seminars can set the stage for showcasing that brainpower. In the kingdom of professional services, it’s less about going viral and more about going valuable. Why not host a roundtable or other kind of professional thought leadership event? If you need to get bums on seats, a telemarketing campaign to drum up an audience could be just the ticket. And the ideal way to distribute your roundtable discussion outcomes and follow-up leads from your webinar.

Financial Services Lead Generation

Not all leads are about chasing the moolah, but here, it kind of is:

Email Marketing: In the land of financial services, email reigns supreme. A staggering 75% of millennials prefer communications from businesses to come via email (Adestra). Those digital native whiz kids widen their wallets when the pitch comes in their inbox.

Impeccable Content: That leads us to our next critical point for financial services lead generation strategies. Your content has to be en pointe – always. There’s no use sending emails or churning LinkedIn articles or blogs that don’t engage and build trust. Think of your blog or e-newsletter as your business finance column for every business owner. Break jargon down in easy-to-understand, human communication. (If you need content, we can help with that.)

Free Financial Tools: A quick financial health check tool, maybe? Give a little, gain a lot! And you can showcase your generosity with a buzzing email marketing campaign – a total engagement magnet.

Lead Gen for Technology Businesses

Tech must dazzle. But it’s not enough to have a great product or service. You must show rather than tell your prospects how it will make their lives easier and more profitable.

Demonstrations and free trials: Try before you buy is the critical strategy in tech sales. Gartner reports that software buyers are over 2.5 times more likely to purchase after a free trial. Got a slick SaaS? Let them take it for a spin to win. Need someone to set up appointments for these demos? We know someone who can help with blisteringly efficient B2B appointment setting… (Us, it’s us)

Influencer partnerships: Those YouTuber tech geeks pull a crowd! Consider a collab with a hot influencer. Our social media manager extraordinaire will help you make it happen.

Wrapping Up Lead Gen Strategies By Industry

social media for b2b lead generation

And there you have it, gang! That’s your cheat sheet for nailing B2B lead generation across diverse sectors. Remember, the key to the treasure chest of leads lies in personalisation and relevance.

We’ve covered all the champion moves to get your B2B lead generation strategy game-ready. But if you need someone to fine-tune it or do the leg work for you, then Smartlead’s here with our broad skillsets and experience to help. Schedule a call to discuss what you’re currently doing, the results you’re getting, and how we can help turn them into the desired results.

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