Why Outsource Your Telemarketing When You Could Do It Yourself?

When it comes to carrying out a telemarketing campaign, the choice often comes down to whether to outsource or DIY. We’re here to help you figure out why outsourcing your telemarketing would be better than doing it in-house.

We don’t have to convince you about the power of B2B telemarketing. The average ROI for B2B telemarketing can reach astronomical percentages. This is because, generally, if your business is looking at some big account wins, you need to get on the phone and talk to people. Let’s be honest, your chances of landing a big-ticket deal with just a few emails aren’t great.

Telemarketing delivers £11 of revenue for every £1 spent.

B2B sales has always been, and will always be, about human interactions. Yes, sure, content is king and digital is everything. But we still believe telemarketing is the gold standard in lead generation and lead nurturing, particularly when it’s integrated with other channels. Great data, great content, an email campaign and a telemarketing campaign? Ooph! That’s what we’re talking about!

So, as we said. We don’t need to convince you about the power of telemarketing. The question here is why should you opt for outsourced telesales over in-house? Here are four big reasons.

Opportunity cost

Let’s talk microeconomics for a moment. Promise it won’t be boring. Opportunity cost is the value of what could have been, and how much you lose out on. If your salespeople are investing time in lead generation, and this time is covered by their annual salary, then your cost per lead generated may be lower than if you outsource. But then there’s the balance. Bear in mind the average number of calls it takes to connect with a prospect – 18. That’s a lot of dead time for your sales team. And a huge opportunity cost – what could have been achieved if that time had been spent cultivating an already qualified prospect instead?

When you outsource to a telemarketing expert, your sales team get to jump into the process at the point where the gatekeeper has been circumvented. Decision-making status has been qualified. Pain points and needs have been identified. And your brand has been aligned with them.

Telemarketers aren’t salespeople; Salespeople aren’t telemarketers

B2B telemarketing is a skilled profession. Telemarketers need a relaxed, confident and consultative manner. And strong skills in persuasion, negotiation and communication. They need resilience and creativity. But above all, they need to be able to engage in intelligent conversation and LISTEN.

Many, many people fall foul of the biggest telesales mistake: trying too hard to sell. Telemarketing is not about sales. It’s not about launching into a sales pitch. It’s always, always about discovery. So the skill lies in the subtle ways of getting a prospect to open up to you about what’s going on with them, where they are, where they want to be, and what’s standing in their way. Then, and only then, is it time to talk about how you could help.

Cold calling stresses sales people out
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The thing about salespeople is they are usually brilliant at the last part. The selling your business part. The negotiating, the closing. It’s the delicate lead-up to this that many energetic, effervescent salespeople can find a bit… frustrating. Why not ease those frustrations by giving them leads that are at a mature stage of the sales lifecycle?

Streamline your overheads

That’s right. Streamline your overheads – by spending on an outsourced telemarketing campaign. Hear us out.

You’ve got an employee – or a team of employees – who take care of telemarketing for you. You pay their salary. Also, their employer’s NIC contributions, bonuses, medical benefits or any perks like cars, phones and laptops. Don’t forget their pension or holiday pay. Then there’s office space, furniture, equipment, software licences, and more desks for your managed IT services. I mean, if you want to get pernickety, there’s even tea, coffee, loo roll. The cost per employee goes beyond payroll.

What about the upfront costs? Will you pay a recruitment agency fee? Then there’s the time taken for the recruitment process – what does that actually cost? And onboarding. Also, training!

When you have a permanent employee, you need to pay them all the time. They are a constant overhead.

On the other hand, outsourcing to a telemarketing business means you can work on a campaign by campaign basis. You pay for what you need when you need it. Maybe you’re basing your campaign around a specific event, or you work on a cyclical basis. Or maybe you want to run a constant telemarketing campaign on a rolling basis. It doesn’t matter – the point is that when you’re outsourcing to a telemarketing partner, you have flexibility.

Because we do the hiring of the telemarketing professionals, we absorb all the overheads associated with their employment for you. Leaving you able to benefit from their skills and experience and amazing training. You’re welcome.

Salespeople hate cold calling

There. We said it. No matter what they say in their interview, we guarantee you, they don’t love it. It’s tough. Cold calling can be soul-destroying – when you don’t have the right resources.

63% of salespeople say cold calling is what they dislike most about their jobs.

For salespeople, cold calling is a means to an end. They need to do it to get the leads they need to progress through to the bit they really want to be doing. It’s a chore.

100% of telemarketers went into telemarketing because they KNEW the job was all about cold calling. They aren’t doing it to get through to the next stage. They are fully invested in it. And that’s because our telemarketers have all the right resources to be successful and enjoy their role in the sales process.

Not only do our telemarketers benefit from extensive training, but we also have everything you need to run a successful telemarketing campaign. Like the right data! We can’t stress any more vehemently how critical the right data is.

Smartlead telemarketers provide dedicated B2B telemarketing in the UK.

Also, the right research behind the campaigns we run and the people we talk to. Our telemarketers are always prepared and full to the brim of knowledge before dialling. Simultaneously, they know about the business they are representing, the techniques required for success, and the rationale behind why they are speaking to the contact they are about to call.

There are so many reasons to outsource your telemarketing function

We could go on all day. But we think there’s enough food for thought here. If you know telemarketing is for you, but you aren’t quite decided on whether to outsource or DIY, drop us a note or pick up the phone on 0121 461 4660.

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Email marketing can be the most effective marketing channel for B2B lead generation. However, it can also be a total waste of time. The good news is that you can watch your conversions grow and master the art of email marketing by adopting a range of simple rules.

Here are the top seven rules for successful email marketing that are guaranteed to get you great ROI on your next email marketing campaign.

1. Nail the subject line

Getting users to open your email is the first hurdle. Well, actually, avoiding the spam filter is your first hurdle. But that’s a whole blog in itself, as it’s more technical. Back to the subject line: It’s the all-important first impression that you only have one shot at. In just a few characters, you need to engage your prospect, intrigue them enough that they click on your email, and do so in a way that encourages trust. So no tricks, no gimmicks. Just something concise, catchy, authentic and not at all spammy. 

It’s actually the most difficult part of crafting a successful email campaign. Because of this, we suggest trialling multiple titles and gauging the interactions and responses to guide your decisions about what works for your audience.

2. Get personal

In most modern marketing techniques, personalisation is the key to success. Thankfully, tailoring an email to each person in your database should be easy with today’s technology. In fact, you should definitely be customising content beyond a name. You can use location, job titles and employers, local events, activity with your brand or website or previous purchases – all of this data can be used to create email content specifically for your contact. A good account profiling service can give you all this information. But you don’t want to go overboard – we’re going for friendly and invested, not creepy.

3. Make it easy to opt-out

If someone doesn’t want to engage with your brand through email, you aren’t going to make any wins by continuing to send them content. Embrace the unsubscribe button. It prevents you from wasting your time and resources.

Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

4. Use automation

Thank the cloud for automation. Using an automated email marketing platform can help you save time and money by easily allowing all that wonderful personalisation of content as described above. It also allows you to create customised templates, create specific rules for reactions and record lots of lovely data.

5. Don’t forget mobile

More than a third (35%) of business professionals open their email on their mobile. When you make your email design mobile-friendly, you deliver better read and click-through rates.

Mobile responsive email design increases unique clicks from 2.7% to 3.3%.


6. Always include a call to action

You’ve beaten all the odds. Miraculously, you’ve circumvented the spam filter, crafted the perfect title, and ensured your email has been opened. Also, you’ve created spot-on value-driven content, and you’ve achieved successful engagement with a prospect! Hooray! Now… what do you want them to do next? Tell them! Just as in sales you should ‘always be closing’, in marketing you should ‘always be calling to action’.

7. Constantly learn and adjust

Even if your email marketing campaigns are historically very successful, there’s always room for improvement. Ensure you are comprehensively recording and tracking data from all your email marketing activity, and using it to fuel decision-making in the future.

Email marketing has a notoriously great ROI – which is why we offer a thriving email marketing service. Find out more about how we do it.

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