GDPR Compliant B2B Direct Marketing Data

All successful outbound marketing campaigns begin with great data

The direct marketing data you are using can make or break your efforts to generate leads through outbound marketing campaigns. This is because when you built your marketing strategy on wobbly foundations of out-of-date, unreliable (or even unlawful) data, something is going to fall down somewhere.

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The data you collect and own is one of your business’s most valuable assets. It is critical to your B2B marketing strategy and is the key to unlocking value in your marketing efforts. You can have the most sophisticated marketing campaign in the world, but if it never reaches relevant people it is simply a waste of time.

The power of personalisation in direct marketing data

Today’s consumer doesn’t want blanket targeting. They want to be thought about and targeted with direct, personalised content and campaigns from the very beginning. But, they also want their privacy – and the law reflects that.

Your business needs data. Namely, contact details and demographic information and insights that can fuel your marketing efforts, but that comply with global privacy laws and quality standards.

Our GDPR compliant B2B direct marketing data is a highly sought after service. It can form the basis of any or all of our outbound marketing channels. This data is specifically generated to produce quality standards that achieve the best results for your business.

Our research team provides market-leading, clean, reliable, compliant data for your business

Our team are committed to ensuring the integrity of our data, through:

Continuous data collection & refreshmentData cleansing and standardisationData enrichment
Frequent market movement and job changes can render data obsolete as soon as it’s collected. We regularly check and update our data to ensure it’s as relevant as possible.Our data is checked for syntax errors in email addresses, duplicates and blank information. The team ensure all data is standardised and formatted to remove inconsistencies and enable appropriate filtering and analysis.We collect data at all touchpoints and record it in a single integrated platform. Then we use data enrichment tools to gather information from multiple platforms and build a detailed and accurate profile of each person in our database.

Market-leading quality direct marketing data standards

With our market-leading quality standards, our direct marketing data is reliable, trusted and detailed. It can give you the success rates and form the bedrock of strong connections and great marketing ROI.

Creating a strong and long-lasting relationship with our clients is our absolute main goal. And we believe we are only going to do this through transparency, honesty and superior standards of quality control. Our extensively trained and experienced research team work exceptionally hard to provide GDPR compliant data that is up-to-date, reliable and accurate.

Make us part of your team

The right data can make or break your marketing strategy – and we want to make sure you make it. Let us furnish you with the right data, so we can foster the perfect connections for your business.

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