15 Reasons B2B Social Media Management is the Missing Puzzle Piece to Your Lead Generation Strategy

by 18 Sep 2023Hints & Tips, Lead Generation Articles

Discover why B2B social media management could be the difference between being a lead magnet and B2B social media mediocrity. Your future rests on your socials!

15 Reasons B2B Social Media Management is the Missing Puzzle Piece to Your Lead Generation Strategy

Hey there, champions of trade! Welcome to another heart-to-heart session on how to boost your business lead-gen magic. Today’s hot topic on the table? Social Media Management! But isn’t social media all about influencers and posing? Can B2B businesses really create hype on social media? Are your customers even ON social media for anything other than selfies and lifestyle posts? And if they are, how can you get them to pay attention to your brand? And turn them into leads? You’re about to find out….

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Social media is a source in making purchasing decisions for 84% of B2B executives and 75% of overall B2B buyers. (IDC)

1. Spead the Word

You’ve got a killer product or service, but what’s the use if only you and your office plants know about it? Social Media directly connects you to folks who actually need what you’re selling. It’s like shouting about your best deals in the world’s biggest, friendliest market! “Get yer professional services here! 5 for a pound!”

2. Untangling Social Complexities

Each social platform is like a different pub. You know that joke which would get a belly laugh in the ‘Instagram Inn’ might meet with blank stares at the ‘LinkedIn Lounge’. Managing content, language, and tone for different platforms is crucial, and not to forget time-consuming! For similar reasons, you should check out our blog Why Outsource Telemarketing When You Could DIY? 4 Big Reasons

3. We See You, Algorithm!

The social media beast feeds on likes, shares, and engagement. Bang on the algorithm’s sweet spot, and you’ll be rewarded with a front-row seat in people’s feeds. Ignoring this beast means your golden content might get lost in the abyss. But, you’re an expert in what YOU do – not in mastering the Insta algorithm. A social media manager can demystify this beast and help you get the most out of your social media efforts.

4. 24/7 Engagement

Picture this: You’re corralling kids and juggling your work schedule when a lead pops up at 7am. Whoa! With a Social Media Manager on board, you’ll never have to choose between leaving early for the school run and replying to that hot lead.

5. Crisis Management:

We’ve all seen brands hit with an online backlash. It’s like accidentally stepping on a social media landmine. A social media manager can help spot those landmines in advance, and handle the situation adeptly if things go sideways.

6. Consistency is King

Keeping content consistent, both in quality and timescale, is a queen of a task that takes serious planning. Can you really bang out a meaningful LinkedIn post in between meetings or create an engaging Instagram reel amidst client calls?b2b social media management strategy meeting

7. Track Trends

TikTok dances, viral memes, hashtag holidays – the social world is evolving faster than we can say “Hashtag-Throwback-Thursday”. Because even that’s a throwback now. A dedicated social media manager can spot trends and weave them into your strategy.

8. Brand Personality

Who are you on social media and what’s your story? A social media manager helps craft an unforgettable personality and voice for your brand. Think of them like a bestselling novel’s author – only the plot is your brand journey.

9. Delicate Balancing Act

Great social media strategy is like a perfectly balanced meal: a healthy dose of organic content here, a sprinkling of ads there. Social Media Managers are the master chefs of this digital kitchen.

10. Results You Can Measure

With in-depth reporting, a social media manager helps track which strategies are scoring world-class hatricks and which need to retire to the bench. These insights can feed into your overall lead generation strategy, helping refine it for optimum results.

11. Sneak Peek into Customers’ World

Isn’t it fabulous when your leads tell you exactly what they want? With social media management, you can do a little healthy eavesdropping on conversations, reviews, and trends– all invaluable intel for tailoring your offerings and strategies.

12. Audience Growth

Who doesn’t want more eyes on their brand? Social media managers are like seasoned gardeners, nurturing your audience, and helping your online presence grow from a seedling into a mighty tree. Trust me, attracting new leads would be a walk in your blooming social media park!

13. Competitive Edge

Are your competitors smashing it on TikTok? What’s getting them the most likes on Instagram? Your social media manager keeps an eagle eye on your competition, helping you dial in your unique advantages and keep your business ahead of the curve.

14. Breathing Space for You

Ah, the sweet relief of responsibility lifted! With a social media manager shouldering the social universe, you’ll have time to focus on what you do best – running a freaking awesome business!

15. The Social Media Convo-Spark

Ready for a reason that’s as lit as your DMs? Social media management is like having an expert conversationalist at witty banter, whispers, and everything in between. Social media paves the way for initiating conversations and following up with potential leads. And let’s face it, creating the right kind of chit-chat can be tricky for even the most seasoned sales pro. A savvy social media manager knows how to strike up those convos while sneaking in some subtle (or not-so-subtle) hints about how delightful your brand is. Think of it as a conversation starter that leads straight into the sales funnel, leading you closer to sealing those deals! 😉

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Sounds too Good to be True? Like a B2B social media management fairy godmother?

Yes, but it’s all true! A b2b social media manager can expertly juggle all of this (and more), carving out a clever, comprehensive plan to connect the dots between your social media savviness and the lead generation machinery.

So there you have it – the magnificent social media puzzle and the missing piece you didn’t even know you needed! And hey, no one expects you to be a jigsaw master. That’s why we’re here! So why not drop us a line, and let’s start making sense of this social media malarkey together?

Remember, every post that sends a lead your way, every saved crisis, every quirk of the algorithm caught – that’s a puzzle piece locked in place. Social Media Management isn’t just a cog in the lead-gen machine. It is the glue that holds the whole thing together. With it, your lead-gen strategy isn’t just a machine, it’s a well-oiled, lead-generating, client-winning super machine.

So turn up your lead-gen game to eleven, and get a Smartlead social media management package in your lead-gen repertoire. We’re here to help. Contact us today to get started on your social media empire.

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